Gender Equality Cohort

The cohort on Gender Equality as a prerequisite for Democracy is jointly led by Sweden, Romania, Georgetown University’s Institute for Women, Peace & Security (GIWPS) and International IDEA under the Summit for Democracy Year of Action.

Research shows that women and girls’ ability to participate fully and equally in economic, social, and political life is key to fostering healthy, stable, prosperous, and inclusive democracies. The under-representation of women in positions of power and decision-making processes around the world remains a serious challenge that undermines the legitimacy of any country’s democratic ideals.

The purpose of the cohort is to highlight and promote the connection between gender equality and democracy and to develop policy recommendations to bolster women’s participation in and contribution to democracy. In particular, the recommendation will look at the issues of Inclusion (economic, social, political), justice (formal laws and informal discrimination) and Security (at individual, community, and societal levels). In addition, the Cohort will serve as a global platform to call attention to the need to address harmful and rigid gender norms that hinder women’s full participation and representation in democracy and emphasize the importance of gender equality in rebuilding societies after crisis and conflict.

The Gender Cohort is complementary to, and mutually reinforces, the Summit for Democracy’s Advancing Women’s and Girls’ Civic and Political Leadership Global Initiative. Both initiatives affirm the importance of gender equality and women’s political empowerment as a prerequisite for democracy.

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