Concept Note: “Resisting Authoritarian Pressure” Cohort

Pursuant to the Year of Action for the Summit for Democracy, likeminded governments and civil society representatives are establishing a cohort on Resisting Authoritarian Pressure. The purpose of the cohort is to build resilience to authoritarian coercion and offer a hand to democrats and human rights defenders from non-democracies.

The “Resisting Authoritarian Pressure” cohort will focus on the following priority areas:
1. Seeking Release of Political Prisoners
2. Sheltering and Protecting Democratic Activists Fleeing Authoritarian Regimes
3. Countering the Phenomenon of Transnational Repression
4. Building Resilience to Economic Coercion by Authoritarian Regimes

Find the full document here: Resisting Authoritarian Pressure Cohort Concept – EXTERNAL