Civil society and other organizations are welcome to suggest events related to the Summit for Democracy- this is an important way to shape formal discussions and ensure the right voices are heard by decision-makers. If you have an idea for an event, please submit details below, or view events to learn more and sign-up for existing sessions.

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Upcoming Events

17 May 2022 07:00 - 08:00

It’s All About YOU-th: Shaping Open Governance With Young People

Virtual Event | Organised by Accountability Lab | Held in United States (EST) in English
Defending against authoritarianism

Young people can and should play a central role in open governance around the world but are rarely provided with the opportunities and support they need to meaningfully influence policies. Join Accountability Lab to hear about the new OGP Youth Toolkit that outlines how best to ensure youth engagement in governance; from the governments of Korea and Liberia on how they are supporting the engagement of young people in OGP processes; and from young people working on open government processes in Mexico and Nigeria as to the challenges and opportunities they see for these efforts.

See more at OpenGovWeek

31 May 2022 - 2 June 2022 08:00 - 05:30

World Justice Forum 2022: Building More Just Communities

In Person Event | Organised by World Justice Project | Held in The Hague, Netherlands & Online in English
Advancing respect for human rights

The global pandemic has underscored and exacerbated the lack of just, open, and accountable governance for all. The World Justice Forum 2022 will tackle the root causes of our global rule of law crisis through three days of agenda setting, learning, and action focused on three intersecting themes – access to justice, anti-corruption and open government, and equal rights and nondiscrimination. Join us in The Hague and online as we build a global movement for justice and the rule of law.

Learn more about the event here.

6 June 2022 - 7 June 2022 -

360/Open Summit: Contested Realities | Connected Futures

Virtual Event | Organised by Atlantic Council | Held in Brussels, Belgium in English
Defending against authoritarianism

The theme of this year’s 360/OS is Contested Realities | Connected Futures. Facing generational global challenges and unprecedented technological innovation, communities and countries are struggling to agree on a shared set of facts. Emboldened autocrats seek to undermine the very idea of collective action that underpins the democratic world. While democracy versus autocracy, fact versus fiction, and who should hold power are contested, one thing is certain: our futures are connected. As today’s competition shapes the global system for generations to come, it is up to this community of activists, industry leaders, and public servants to work together to create a rights-respecting, transparent, and representative future for all.

In Brussels, this global community will gather for presentations, workshops, and conversations on everything from countering foreign influence, to building resilient information environments, to the role of the Internet in online movements, and ensuring democratic approaches to a decentralized digital world. You’ll hear from global leaders and innovators at the heart of these issues and more.

9 June 2022 - 10 June 2022 01:00 - 23:45

Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2022

Virtual Event | Organised by Alliance of Democracies Foundation | Held in Copenhagen in English
Defending against authoritarianism

“Today, as we see with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, front-line figures in the battle for freedom and democracy matter more than ever. We will provide a platform for such voices globally. We urgently need to unite political, business and media leaders, democracy activists and advocates, to bring fresh ideas to stem the authoritarian advance and put democracy back on the front foot.

Thursday will be dedicated to technology and democracy including our Democracy and Tech Entrepreneur Fellowship. Friday will focus on how to defend Ukraine, counter authoritarian powers, and build an alliance of democracies.”

See more at Copenhagen Democracy Summit

9 June 2022 - 10 June 2022 09:00 - 15:00

Virtual Global Democracy Champions Summit

Virtual Event | Organised by Johns Hopkins SNF Agora Institute | Held in United States (EST) in English
Defending against authoritarianism

Citizens of both established democracies and the world’s most repressive regimes have become less free in recent years, with 8 in 10 people living in “Partly Free” or “Not Free” countries, according to the Freedom House. While democratic Ukraine’s fierce resistance has galvanized a steadfast international response, efforts by democracy champions to turn the tide on authoritarianism and build inclusive, multigroup democracy remain siloed—segmented by national boundaries.

Keseb a new global nonpartisan nonprofit organization, and the SNF Agora Institute at Johns Hopkins University have partnered to host the inaugural Global Democracy Champions Summit. The summit will create a forum for democracy entrepreneurs, activists, academics, journalists, philanthropists, and policy makers to uplift compelling ideas, share insights across national boundaries, and create a global network of activists and civil society leaders committed to building inclusive, 21st century democracies.

Sessions will include: the state of global democracy; battling the effects of conspiracy theory and disinformation; building enduring people power; imagining a co-governance model; entrepreneurship as a vehicle for building inclusive and multigroup democracies; and the global youth movement for democracy.

See more at Johns Hopkins SNF Agora Institute

10 June 2022 - 13 June 2022 -

The Culture of Democracy Summit

Virtual Event | Organised by When We All Vote | Held in Los Angeles, California in English
Advancing respect for human rights

When We All Vote is hosting our inaugural Culture of Democracy Summit June 10th-13th, both virtually and in-person in Los Angeles, CA. When We All Vote Founder and Co-Chair Michelle Obama will serve as the keynote speaker.

At the Culture of Democracy Summit, we’ll have a national conversation on how we can all work together every year to expand our collective mission to protect democracy, fight voter suppression, and ensure every American has equal access to the ballot box ahead of the 2022 midterm elections and beyond.

During these four days, we’ll bring together artists, athletes, academics, musical guests, grassroots organizers, civic leaders, corporate leaders, and more to discuss the role different industries play in strengthening our democracy through voter registration, education, mobilization, and culture change.

All Summit events will be held outside and follow CDC Covid-19 protocols. We will be following-up with more information and official invitations in the coming weeks.

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