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This site is a platform through which global civil society can share information, ideas, learning and resources related to engagement around the Summit for Democracy (S4D)- a series of events and a Year of Action (YoA) led by the US Government to support democratic renewal around the world. The Summit for Democracy as a process is an extraordinary opportunity to galvanize attention and mobilize international action; and the process associated with it is a critical platform for engagement on issues of democracy during the course of 2022.

The goals of the site are threefold- first to act as a hub for information and conversations related to the S4D; second to ensure the transparency and inclusivity of the S4D processes, and third to bolster accountability for commitments implemented as part of the Year of Action.

On December 9-10, 2021, the US hosted a virtual Summit for Democracy for leaders from government, civil society, and the private sector. The summit focused on challenges and opportunities facing democracies and provided a platform for leaders to make both individual and collective commitments to defend democracy around the world. Approximately one year after the December 2021 Summit, a second summit will take stock of the progress made and forge a common path ahead. Invited governments to the US Summit for Democracy in December 2021 were asked to develop commitments focused on strengthening their own democracies in three areas – fighting corruption, countering authoritarianism and promoting human rights; but only a small number of invited governments engaged domestic or international civil society around these commitments and how they might be implemented. In the period between the first Summit for Democracy and the second Summit for Democracy (in late 2022), one key strategy for increasing the impact of the S4D will be civil society engagement on what governments are committing to and how they can deliver on those commitments.




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14 September 2022 - 15 September 2022 08:00 - 18:00

Smart City Expo USA

In Person Event | Organised by Smart City Expo USA | Held in Miami, Florida (EST) in English
Contact details: [email protected]
Addressing and fighting corruption
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Building Smart, Equitable, and Sustainable 21st Century Cities
* A White House Summit for Democracy Year of Action Initiative *

Smart City Expo USA is the country’s leading event for cities. We are solving urgent issues of today while preparing cities for tomorrow.

Our cutting-edge programming is preparing cities for tomorrow while solving urgent issues of today. Join us in harnessing $1T of federal funds to build inclusive and resilient cities through electrification, climate resiliency, cybersecurity, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and web3, urban air mobility, AI and edge technology, big data, education equity, the future of work, next-gen infrastructure, and so much more.

Our speakers believe cities are not “smart” if there is homelessness, hunger or poverty, if communities cannot access clean air and water, healthcare, safety, housing, broadband, energy, education, economic opportunity, a decent commute, the ballot box, or build generational wealth. Join them as they lead cities into an inclusive and prosperous future.

Smart City Expo USA is proud to collaborate with visionary sponsors, exhibitors, and partners who are igniting change in communities around the world.

Join us in showcasing your cutting-edge technologies as we harness $1T of federal funds to address historic inequities and lead cities into the future.

17 October 2022 23:58 - 23:59

Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows Program Application

Virtual Event | Organised by National Endowment for Democracy | Held in New York Timezone (EST) in English
Addressing and fighting corruption
Register here

The Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows Program is an international exchange program that offers five-month fellowships to leading democracy activists, journalists, civil society leaders, and scholars from around the world to conduct independent projects at the National Endowment for Democracy. During their time in residence at NED’s International Forum for Democratic Studies, in Washington D.C., fellows reflect on their experiences and consider lessons learned; conduct independent research and writing; engage with colleagues and counterparts in the United States; and build ties with a global network of democracy advocates.

Eligibility: The program is intended primarily for practitioners from developing and aspiring democracies, and those from nondemocratic countries. Distinguished scholars from the United States and other established democracies are also eligible to apply. Practitioners may include activists, journalists, human rights defenders, lawyers, artists, and civil society professionals who have substantial experience in their field. Scholars may include professors, researchers, and other writers who have a Ph.D. or academic equivalent at the time of application. Applicants should have a record of experience working to strengthen democracy and human rights in their countries of origin or interest. A working knowledge of English is required for participation in the program.

Support: Fellows receive monthly payments to cover living expenses, plus basic health insurance, travel reimbursement, and research support.

Fellowship Dates: Fall Session: October 1, 2023–February 29, 2024; Spring Session: March 1–July 31, 2024.

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