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This site is a platform through which global civil society can share information, ideas, learning and resources related to engagement around the Summit for Democracy (S4D) and, in particular, the Democracy Cohorts set up as part of the process. The Summit comprises a series of events and a Year of Action (YoA) led by the US Government to support democratic renewal around the world. The Summit for Democracy as a process is an extraordinary opportunity to galvanize attention and mobilize international action; and the process associated with it is a critical platform for engagement on issues of democracy during the course of 2022 and beyond.

The goals of the site are threefold- first to act as a hub for information and conversations related to the S4D; second to ensure the transparency and inclusivity of the S4D processes, and third to bolster accountability for the various Cohorts implemented as part of the Year of Action.

On December 9-10, 2021, the US hosted a virtual Summit for Democracy for leaders from government, civil society, and the private sector. The summit focused on challenges and opportunities facing democracies and provided a platform for leaders to make both individual and collective commitments to defend democracy around the world.

Invited governments to the US Summit for Democracy in December 2021 were asked to develop commitments focused on strengthening their own democracies in three areas – fighting corruption, countering authoritarianism and promoting human rights; but only a small number of invited governments engaged domestic or international civil society around these commitments and how they might be implemented.

The United States will co-host the second Summit for Democracy on March 29-30 with leaders from Costa Rica, the Netherlands, the Republic of Korea, and the Republic of Zambia.


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