Youth Democracy Cohort, Newsletter

The Youth Political and Civic Engagement Cohort is one of several multi-stakeholder platforms that are being launched as part of the Year of Action of the Summit for Democracy initiated in December 2021. The Cohorts bring together governments, civil society and private sector – and their resources, activities and expertise – to advance good governance and democratic renewal around the world.

Our cohort is composed of 6 leading organisations joined by more than 40 other member organisations and its aim is to promote youth political and civic engagement locally and globally.

How do we want to encourage this engagement of Youth?

we want, first, to promote youth understanding of democratic principles and the proven link between democracy and long-term stability and prosperity
we envisage promoting diversity and inclusion within youth groups and in the advocacy of youth issues
we want to bring support to young people and youth organisations in their efforts to assess democratic institutions and processes and also advise on possible reforms
and we would like to facilitate for young people, youth organisations and youth movements re-imagining a more robust, inclusive, effective, transparent, accountable and equitable form of democracy

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November 14, 2022|Cohorts, News, Resources, Youth Cohort|