9 Mar 2023

14 Zambian CSOs and the Law Association of Zambia today presented papers to the Minister of Justice reviewing each of the Government of Zambia’s three 2021 Summit for Democracy Commitments. The same group also presented the Minister of Justice with their joint priority recommendations for the commitments the Government of Zambia should make at the 2023 Summit for Democracy (or shortly thereafter).

Attached are 3 CSO review papers, one each on Zambia’s three 2021 Summit for Democracy Commitments and the paper on the CSO’s priority recommendations for Zambia at the 2023 Summit for Democracy.

The 15 groups that have signed off on these are (in alpha order): Alliance for Community Action, Bloggers of Zambia, Center for Young Leaders in Africa, Chapter One Foundation, Christian Churches Monitoring Group, Center for Trade Policy and Development, Free Press Initiative, GEARS Initiative, Law Association of Zambia, MISA-Zambia, Panos Institute Southern Africa, Transparency International Zambia, Zambia Federation of Disability Organisations, and Zambia National Women’s Lobby.

Find the papers below: