Will US Defend ‘Tiny Taiwan’ If China Launches All-Out Attack On ‘Breakaway Province’?

By Prakash Nanda
2 Aug 2022

…the then Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had sent his congratulations to Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen on her inauguration in 2020. The Trump administration had hosted Taiwan’s diplomats at the State Department and in other federal government buildings, which has remained the practice during the Biden administration.

Present Secretary of State Antony Blinken has publicly referred to Taiwan as a “country.”

The Biden administration extended an invitation to Taiwan’s representative in the United States to attend Biden’s inauguration and invited Taiwan to participate in its Summit for Democracy recently.

Viewed thus, Taiwan is not an American ally. But then, no American Administration can afford to dismiss it as an island of non-concern, given America’s ideological commitment to preserve and promote liberal democratic world order.

As highlighted by the White House in February this year, the Indo-Pacific Strategy of the United States has the following distinct features, among others:

“A free and open Indo-Pacific can only be achieved if we build collective capacity for a new age. The alliances, organizations, and rules that the United States and its partners have helped to build must be adapted.


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