6 Mar 2023

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is reaching out to invite you to share your story as a powerful champion for freedom and democracy.

On March 29-30, President Biden will co-host the second Summit for Democracy (S4D2) with the leaders of Costa Rica, the Netherlands, the Republic of Korea, and Zambia. The Summit will demonstrate our shared commitment to strengthen democracy and defend against authoritarianism, stand for accountable and open government, and advance fairness and freedom both at home and abroad.

World leaders will showcase progress made on their commitments to build more resilient democracies; renew commitments and initiatives to build on that momentum; reaffirm the central role of democratic institutions in helping free people build shared prosperity, strong communities and a safer world. The Summit will focus on the effectiveness of collective action in addressing the world’s most pressing challenges, improving lives and making democracy work better for everyone.

From now through the beginning of the Summit on March 28, USAID invites you to lend your own voice and share your story of how freedom powers democracies and are rising to the moment to solve the world’s most pressing challenges and makes it possible for all people to live better lives.

Specifically, USAID invites you to create your own story via a short (45 second-2 minutes) video/s with your own equipment (e.g. Smartphone), or through a picture/image/illustration or written story) and post it to your social media using the hashtag: #SummitForDemocracy.

Some sample prompts have been included below for your consideration. Please feel free to consider one, or all, or modify as you see fit:

Why does democracy matter to you? 

What has it made possible in your own life? 

How do free people ensure their democracies protect the environment, enable economic prosperity for all and support a healthy and food secure world?  


USAID hope you will use this opportunity – before, during and after the Summit – to share your own stories about the difference freedom and democracy make in your life, your community and in addressing our shared challenges.


Thank you for lending your voice to the cause of free peoples and democracy.


Please find additional information below on 1) the Summit themes, 2) key dates leading up to the Summit to incorporate into your posts; and 3) campaign guidance.


  1. KEY THEMES: You are welcome to highlight the following key S4D2 themes in your video/s or other social posts: 1) the ways in which democracies are helping to build strong communities and a safer world;  2) the themes of the Presidential Initiative for Democratic Renewal, which include:
  • Supporting Democratic Reformers
  • Strengthening Free and Independent Media
  • Transforming the Fight Against Corruption
  • Defending Free and Fair Elections and Political Processes
  • Advancing Technology for Democracy

You can also choose to speak to why democracy, accountability and freedom matters to you and your community; and/or your personal stories/aspirations and connection to democracy-related activism.

  1. KEY DATES: Feel free to post your social media content anytime between now and the S4D2, please note the following official dates of the Summit.
  • March 27: Partner’s Day (led by civil society organizations).
  • March 28: S4D2 – Day Zero (thematic sessions).
  • March 29: First day of the S4D2 (virtual plenary sessions).
  • March 30: Second day of the S4D2 (co-host led sessions).


  • Please post with on your own established social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the hashtag #SummitForDemocracy.
  • No use of the Tik Tok platform.
  • No posting on websites or platforms that are soliciting donations.
  • By posting a video using the Summit for Democracy hashtag (#SummitForDemocracy) you agree to potentially have your post amplified by U.S. government social media platforms.
  • No hate speech and no incitement to violence.
  • Your online safety and security while participating in this campaign is important. Please take measures to keep yourself safe online including removing geotags from photos or videos and avoid tagging locations for videos and/or on your posts.


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