10 Jun 2022

Secretary Zeya states the following

As we work together to support Ukraine, the global community continues its efforts to safeguard democracies around the world. One way we are doing this is through the 700+ Summit for Democracy commitments made by governments. Through different engagements during this Year of Action, governments, along with civil society and the private sector are joining forces to discuss, review, and implement Summit pledges.

Thus far, Kosovo has created a Presidential Council on Democracy and Human Rights, Norway and Ghana have supported the Global Disability Forum, Estonia held a Global Conference on Media Freedom, Belgium launched a public survey on the organization of the government, and Botswana will host a regional democracy summit in July.

Moreover, the U.S. Government is pursuing the commitments we made in the Presidential Initiative for Democratic Renewal. As part of this effort, we are supporting programs, initiatives, and organizations focused on advancing technology and democracy, bolstering democratic reformers, fighting corruption, defending free and fair elections and political processes as well as supporting free and independent media.

In addition to pursuing our efforts, we have also engaged with partners and allies to bolster the work of multi-donor consortia and coalitions such as the Media Freedom Coalition and Global Anticorruption Consortium.

This Copenhagen Summit exemplifies what was envisioned for the Year of Action. Bringing together governments, civil society, and private sector, not to admire the problem, but to act with urgency to develop and execute solutions.

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