The US’s Democracy Problem

Stephen Wertheim, Senior Fellow, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Alex Stark, Senior Researcher, New America. Lucas Robinson, External Relations Associate, Eurasia Group Foundation. James Siebens, Fellow, Stimson Center
17 September 2022

The Reimagining US Grand Strategy program’s September 2022 roundtable brought experts together to discuss the state of US institutions and how they are perceived around the world. The conversation focused on whether the United States could effectively conduct a practical foreign policy with the diminished state of its democracy.

The Biden administration has attempted to define its foreign policy as leading democratic nations against authoritarian countries. Last year’s Summit for Democracy was intended to show a united front of countries committed to democratic governance. But much of the response from around the world centered on the perceived hypocrisy of the United States attempting to champion democracy to others when its own system was in such dire straits.

October 31, 2022|Blog|