The Urgency of Fighting Corruption

By Frank Vogl

February 22, 2023

It was encouraging that President Biden, who hosted the first Summit for Democracy in December 2021 should have so clearly made the point: “Fighting corruption is not just good governance. It is self-defense. It is patriotism, and it is essential for the preservation of our democracy and our future.”

Now, he is about to host the second Summit for Democracy (March 29/30) and in view of the events in Ukraine he no doubt has even greater awareness of why this meeting is so important. On his visits to Ukraine and Poland, the President has left no doubt about America’s core commitment to freedom. Now, at the forthcoming meeting, world leaders who share Biden’s stated values and commitment, need to act upon all their fine anti-corruption rhetoric of the past and agree upon concrete actions.

February 22, 2023|Blog|