Technology for Democracy at the second U.S. Summit: an update on our progress

Michael De Dora, Hunter Morgan, Felicia Anthonio

February 23, 2023

In accordance with Access Now’s commitment to an open, accessible, and secure internet, and to defending and extending human rights in the digital age, we are co-leading the Technology for Democracy Cohort of the U.S. Summit for Democracy in partnership with the UK and Estonian governments. Since launching in October 2022, the Cohort has grown into a coalition of over 150 civil society, government, and private sector organizations across 40 countries. Together, we are working to develop projects that serve to enhance connectivity, and promote inclusivity and transparency online.

To that end, the Cohort has been working hard to realize several objectives ahead of the second U.S. Summit for Democracy, which will take place in-person and online on March 29 and 30.  These efforts are built around three working groups, each with several areas of focus.