29 March 2023

The State Dept states the following

Following the first Summit for Democracy in December 2021, the United States engaged in a series of efforts to expand support for human rights defenders (HRDs) worldwide. For example, the Department of State issued and implemented guidelines that enabled U.S. diplomatic missions to support civil society and HRDs, engaged partners across the diplomatic community to advocate for increased protections for HRDs, raised the profile of human rights issues through high-level events, international convenings, and continued its robust support for HRDs through global, regional, and bilateral programs. USAID implemented projects in every region to enable human rights institutions and actors to work more effectively on preventing and mitigating violations against HRDs and others to protect their physical and mental health and to promote access to justice and recovery following human rights violations. USAID also launched new mechanisms to expand support for HRDs globally. Although not an exhaustive list, the below spotlights key initiatives and mechanisms leveraged during the Summit for Democracy Year of Action in support of HRDs.

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