From US Department of State:

As we approach the Summit, USAID and the Department of State invite you to lend your own voice to the discussions around the Summit and share how freedom powers democracies that are rising to the moment to solve the world’s most pressing challenges and makes it possible for all people to live better lives.

We invite you to create your own story via a 45 second to 2 minute video employing pictures, images, illustrations or a written story, and post it to your social media using the hashtag: #SummitForDemocracy.

Some sample prompts are below for your consideration. Please feel free to consider one, or all, or modify as you see fit:

  • Why does democracy matter to you?
  • What has democracy made possible in your own life?
  • How do free people ensure their democracies protect the environment, enable economic prosperity for all and support a healthy and food secure world?

We hope you will use this opportunity – before, during and after the Summit – to share your own stories about how or why freedom and democracy matter in your life and your community, and in addressing our shared challenges. Please post on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram social media platforms with the hashtag #SummitForDemocracy.

*Your online safety and security is important. Please take measures to keep yourself safe online, including removing geotags from photos and videos and avoid tagging locations for videos and on your posts.

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