Join the Technology for Good Governance Working Group

Accountability Lab  together with the e-Governance Academy and the Government of Estonia are leading the Technology for Good Governance of the Technology for Democracy Cohort to frame the platform’s technology agenda from 2023, going forward. There are 3 strands which you will see in the concept note here and the minutes of the cohort launch meeting here.
Please consider joining the Technology for Good Governance Working Group. We are working very hard to strengthen the representation the social actors and experiences of those of us in the global majority. To this extent, we are also inviting you to please pass this invitation along to friends and colleagues who have experience in this area of work as well as interest in participating in the working group.
If you are interested in joining the Working Group, please sign up to the communications list by filling in this short form here:
Please find the concept note for the Working Group, meeting minutes as well as the proposed 11-month engagement program discussed in the first meeting. Furthermore, in order to enable asynchronous participation for colleagues who are not able to make meetings as a result of scheduling conflicts or time-zone limitations, we are inviting you to complete the survey that we have prepared (5-10 minutes). Please feel free to share thoughts regarding the preliminary ideas.
We kindly ask you to fill it in by 28th September.
Lastly, the Government of Estonia is, on 10-11 October, hosting the Tallinn Digital Summit in Estonia where the first physical meeting of the Technology Cohort takes place. Please let, Robert Derevski, know if you intend on participating in the Summit as a Working Group Member so our hosts can arrange our own physical meeting as part of WG3.