By Ambassador B. Romualdez
9 May 2022

Ensuring orderly, clean and honest elections will be a great legacy of President Duterte.

“As President, I guarantee… that we will do everything to ensure that the election is free from violence and that people are not intimidated in any way from exercising their right to vote and choose,” he had said.

This was the same commitment he made during the Summit for Democracy convened by President Joe Biden last December.

“The Philippines was the first republic in Asia and the inspiration of all Asian struggles for independence. Today, we have a vibrant democracy and an open and diverse society. Freedom of expression and of the press are fully enjoyed and the regular transfer of power is guaranteed through free and honest elections.

“My administration will ensure an honest, peaceful, credible and free elections in May. It will be my highest honor to turn over the reins of power to my successor knowing that in the exercise of my mandate, I did my best to serve the Filipino nation,” President Duterte said in his intervention during the summit.