30 March 2023

The State Dept states the following

The Code of Conduct calls for Subscribing States to:

  • Take human rights into account when reviewing potential exports of dual-use goods, software, or technologies that could be misused for the purposes of serious violations or abuses of human rights.
  • Consult with the private sector, academia, and civil society representatives on human rights concerns and effective implementation of export control measures.
  • Share information with each other on emerging threats and risks associated with the trade of goods, software, and technologies that pose human rights concerns.
  • Share best practices in developing and implementing export controls of dual-use goods and technologies that could be misused, reexported, or transferred in a manner that could result in serious violations or abuses of human rights.
  • Encourage their respective private sectors to conduct due diligence in line with national law and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights or other complementing international instruments, while enabling non-subscribing states to do the same.
  • Aim to improve the capacity of States that have not subscribed to the Code of Conduct to do the same in accordance with national programs and procedures.

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