World Justice Challenge 2022

26 October 2021 - 10 December 2021  00:00 - 23:30

Virtual Event | Organised by World Justice Project | Held in Global in English
Contact details: [email protected]
Advancing respect for human rights
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The World Justice Challenge 2022 is a global competition to identify, recognize and promote good practices and high-impact projects and policies that protect and advance the rule of law.

As a key component of the World Justice Forum 2022: Building More Just Communities, the World Justice Challenge is dedicated to addressing structural inequities and governance weaknesses exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis. As rule of law performance continues to deteriorate globally in the wake of the pandemic, communities are falling further behind the Sustainable Development Goals’ promise to “leave no one behind.” In order to fulfill this ambition and clear the pathway to more just communities, it is critical to identify and promote effective approaches to key rule of law challenges. The Challenge will contribute to this agenda by compiling a crowd-sourced evidence base for what works, raising its strategic visibility, and strengthening an emerging network of high quality, high impact rule of law organizations, projects and policies.

Cash awards ($20,000 USD each) will go to five projects that show demonstrable results and promising prospects for future progress and replication/scaling. WJP invites entries that strengthen the foundational elements of the rule of law, support a just recovery from COVID-19, and tackle the root causes of societies’ persistent inability to deliver a dignified life for all.

Applications are due December 10, 2021 at midnight EST.