Women’s Participation in Decision-Making Processes: Equality and Empowerment for Stronger Democracies

8 December 2021  14:00 - 15:00

Virtual Event | Organised by Fundación Multitudes, in partnership with Techcamp Global and Vital Voices | Held in Chile in English
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Advancing respect for human rights
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In partnership with TechCamp Global and Vital Voices, Fundación Multitudes invites you to join us for a session exploring how increasing women’s participation in decision-making processes create strong and equal democracies. We know that when women have the chance, they will become the next politicians, entrepreneurs, organizational leaders, and visionaries who imagine new industries of scale, create media to better understand and communicate about issues, and ultimately develop solutions to society’s most entrenched challenges. Furthermore, as it has been proven that the more women in politics, the lower the levels of corruption, and higher the investment in health, education and well-being. As outlined in the Summit for Democracy pillars, women’s meaningful civic participation is integral to achieving greater security around the world. Hear from resilient women who face outdated yet pervasive gender-based restrictions and systemic barriers to their full civic empowerment, but persevere by amplifying women’s agency in society to ensure strong representation of women in every governance structure. Local organizations, corporate foundations, collaborators, and individuals are invited to learn about empowerment through collective advocacy; not so much what can be done on their own, but instead an opportunity to partner with women supporting gender-based programming reinforcing democracy and good governance in Latin America.


Paulina Ibarra: Executive director of Fundacion Multitudes, a Vital Voices fellow, and the Chair of the International Steering Committee of the Civil Society Pillar of the Community of Democracies.
  • Elisa Vigil – Lawyer specializing in commercial and women’s law. She is co-founder of the Libyan Women NGO, which empowers, supports, and provides business resources to women. Elisa is currently serving as a Congresswoman of Madrid.
  • Lilian Riziq – President of South Sudan Women’s Empowerment Network. Member of several national commissions, such as the Constitution Review Commission and the National Dialogue Steering Committee.
  • Lucina Di Meco – Expert in women and girls’ empowerment, female political participation, and gendered disinformation. Co-founder of #ShePersisted Global Initiative and Senior gender equality professional for the organization “Room to Reed.”
  • Tazreen Hussain – Gender specialist with experience in the areas of women’s empowerment, capacity building, civic participation, and women in peace and security programming globally. Tazreen is currently serving as Director of Leadership and Social Impact at Vital Voices Global Partnership.