When People Power, Peacebuilding, & Democracy Meet

9 December 2021  09:30 - 11:00

Virtual Event | Organised by Partners Global, Partners Network | Held in in
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Defending against authoritarianism
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The rise of social movements mobilizing for the values of democracy and human rights is a global phenomenon. And yet, we are seeing a rise in authoritarianism, populism, and toxic polarization around the world.

As the first virtual Summit for Democracy unfolds, it is important to acknowledge the critical role that movement leaders do and must continue to play for democratic renewal, and how peacebuilding approaches can help broaden participation in and support for movement goals in direct response to authoritarian threats.

PartnersGlobal and the Partners Network invite you to take part in an important conversation to reflect on what this looks like in practice. You will hear from seasoned NGO leaders with experience working hand-in-hand with social movements. The virtual discussion will offer insights from three recent experiences:

  • Hear from Partners El Salvador about how diverse advocacy groups in El Salvador have come together to establish a broader coalition and common agenda to promote disability, women’s, LGBTQ, and indigenous rights.
  • Get perspectives from the Rule of Law and Empowerment Initiative (also known as Partners West Africa-Nigeria) about NGO leaders in Nigeria who work on the technical aspects of security sector reform and also were in solidarity with the SARS movement to combat police violence.
  • Learn from Partners for Democratic Change Slovakia (PDCS) about the critical role of female leadership in practicing non-violence during the Decent Slovakia Movement.

You can watch the full event below