Voices for Democracy : Tunisian women and men claim the restauration of the transition democratic process

8 December 2021  20:00 - 21:30

Virtual Event | Organised by CIVIL POLE FOR DEVELOPMENT AND HUMAN RIGHTS | Held in Tunisia in Arabic
Contact details: [email protected]
Defending against authoritarianism
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Transition democratic process is halted, human rights are under attack , human rights defenders and opposition are at risk and judicial power is harrassed .These are the actual results of the July 25th coup held by the Tunisian President who grasped the government powers, freezed the parliament, advanced a distorted interpretation of the Constitution and gathered –still up to now – all powers in his hands .
This event will bring together some voices for democracy in Tunisia to denounce the coup ,to object to the President’s tendancy towards dictatorship, claim the cease of the exceptional period and the restauration of the transition democratic process in the country according to 2014 Constitution.


Panelists  :

  • Mr Zouhair Ismail aggregated professor member in «  Citizens against the coup »
  • Mrs Islem Hamza , a Lawyer , Speaker of «  Lawyers group to defend freedoms and human rights »
  • Mr Anouar Gharbi, Speaker of the «  Swiss Initiative to support democracy in Tunisia »