Tech4Democracy Entrepreneurship Challenge: Global Final

28 March 2023  17:15 - 19:30

In Person Event | Organised by Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, IE University, US Department of State | Held in Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1779 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC in English
Contact details: [email protected]
Defending against authoritarianism
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Technology is integral to 21st century democracy—shaping public discourse, empowering voters, and combatting disinformation. In the increasing struggle between democracy and autocracy, harnessing technology to affirm democratic values is critical. How can tech startups safeguard democratic ideals?
Join us on the sidelines of the Summit for Democracy for a special showcase of the world’s top democracy-affirming technology startups and the final installment in the 6-part competition to find and foster the most promising startup developing democracy-affirming technology.
The program will be followed by a celebratory reception.

This event is the culmination of Tech4Democracy, a global IE University initiative in partnership with the U.S. Department of State and with the support of Microsoft. As part of Tech4Democracy, IE University has hosted tech startups competitions in five continents: Africa (with the University of Cape Town), Asia-Pacific (with the Observer Research Foundation and in conjunction with the Raisina Dialogue during the G20 in New Delhi), Europe (at IE University in Madrid), North America (with Stanford University) and South America (with the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, the Ethereum Foundation and the Inter-American Development Bank). The five continental winners will compete for a monetary prize in the Global Final in Washington, D.C.


Kemba Eneas Walden is the acting National Cyber Director, White House


Miles McCain and Noah Schechter are the Co-founders of Atlos, a platform for visual investigations, used by open-source conflict researchers at Bellingcat to collaboratively catalog and verify human rights violations in Ukraine.

Darío García de Viedma is the Product Manager for Citibeats, a digital platform that uses artificial intelligence to transform citizens’ real-time feedback into data-driven knowledge for policymakers.

Mario Novoa is the Co-founder of EVoting, a company that provides electronic voting systems that use cryptography to provide secure platforms in small and large elections.

Oswald Anonadaga is the Co-founder of Trustur which provides users with a verifiable and secure digital identity and promotes inclusion by simplifying access to government and other services.

Neeraj Gutgutia is the Co-founder of Right2Vote, a mobile-based voting platform that allows organizations to create and manage elections using biometric authentication.