S4D Working Group on Kleptocracy and Illicit Finance Dialogue 2023, Dialogue II: Investigating and Prosecuting Kleptocrats and Complicit Enablers

9 February 2023  08:45 - 12:00

Virtual Event | Organised by S4D Working Group on Kleptocracy and Illicit Finance | Held in DC (EST) in English
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Defending against authoritarianism
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The S4D Working Group on Kleptocracy and Illicit Finance is a civil society-driven dialogue to fight corruption and money laundering to defend democracy against authoritarianism, confront hubs of illicit trade, and safeguard human rights and security.
2022 WG Report: https://bit.ly/3jQ8cFI
AITI-TraCCC: traccc.gmu.edu/about-aiti

S4D Kleptocracy Dialogue II Feb 9 2023


Opening Keynote Session:

• Brendan T Boundy, U.S. Deputy Coordinator for Global Anti-Corruption, Department of State

• Ambassador Norm Eisen (Ret.), Co-Chair, S4D Democracy Cohort for Financial Transparency and Integrity, Brookings Institution

• Dr. Louise I Shelley, Director, Terrorism, Transnational Crime and Corruption Center (TraCCC), George Mason University Chair: David M. Luna, Co-Director, Anti-Illicit Trade Institute (AITI), TraCCC, GMU

Session 1: Strengthening Cooperation to Investigate Kleptocracies and Seizing Assets

Session 2: Judicial Action, Information-Sharing and Prosecutions

Session 3: Defending the Defenders and Collective Action

Discussion and Closing Session Chair: Dr. Layla Hashemi, TraCCC, GMU
• Strategic Observation and Intervention by Frank Vogl, Board Chair, Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF)