Political Exiles From Autocracies as Citizens in Democracies and as Transnational Actors

30 November 2021  09:00 - 10:30

Virtual Event | Organised by American Russian-speaking Association for Civil & Human Rights | Held in United States - Estonia in English
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Advancing respect for human rights
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A number of political exiles from authoritarian regimes played prominent roles in modern history of international relations and often in two countries at once. They served as the voices for the unjustly persecuted and those denied a platform in their native countries; they helped foster democratic debate on foreign policy in their adopted Western countries; they also educated, directly and indirectly, the public in both countries on their respective political cultures and the challenges they faced. What constructive roles are being, and can be, played today by political exiles from autocracies in our times? What kinds of support they can provide to civil societies in their native countries, including at the grassroots level? And as new citizens in democracies, how can they help their new home countries defend against authoritarianism? We will consider some of these topics at the roundtable sponsored by American Russian-speaking Association for Civil & Human Rights, in collaboration with Svoboda Alliance SA (Australia) and other international partners.


  • Evgenia CHIRIKOVA, Russia’s environmental and anti-corruption campaigner currently living in Estonia; founder of Activatica.org; winner of the Woman of Courage Award and of the Goldman Environmental Prize
  • Dmitri Daniel GLINSKI, Ph.D., managing director, American Russian-speaking Association for Civil & Human Rights
  • Elena GOVOR, Ph.D., adjunct research fellow, Australian National University (Canberra), Belarusian-Australian
  • Sergei EROFEEV, Ph.D., senior fellow, Polish Institute for Advanced Studies (Warsaw)