European Supranational Democracy as a Model for Citizens’ Participation beyond Borders

5 April 2023 - 7 April 2023  16:30 - 14:00

In Person Event | Organised by Maison Jean Monnet | Held in (CEST) France/Europe Expérience (Paris, April 5) and Maison Jean Monnet (Bazoches-sur-Guyonne, April 6 and 7) in French and English
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Advancing respect for human rights
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It will address the issues of citizens’ participation across borders, through popular vote for a supranational Parliament and transnational participation beyond the vote, through instruments such as the European Citizens’ Initiative and innovative experiments in deliberative democracy such as the European Citizens’ Panels – which paved the road for a possible future European Citizens’ Assembly- as well as others on which the discussion is still ongoing (from the Pan-European Referendum to Participatory Budgeting) . It will also explore how this complex ecosystem of democracy that is both transnational and supranational at the same time – and that is now attempting to combine representative elements with ‘direct’ and ‘participatory’ elements – is increasingly inspiring other areas of the world that are attempting, inspired by the European Union, similar processes of macro-regional integration (Mercosur, African Union, Asean…), as well as how this model can also be scaled up to the global level, in the perspective of a full global democracy of institutions and citizens, combining representative with deliberative-participatory democracy.


Antoine Chabal (JEF France)

Susanna Cafaro, University of Salento

Claudia Morini, University of Salento

Debora Righetti, Maison Jean Monnet

Stefania Attolini (University of Salento)

David Farrell  (University of Dublin)

Michele Fiorillo (Scuola Normale Superiore)

Yves Mathieu (Missions Publiques)

Luca Belgiorno-Nettis (New Democracy) 

Jonathan Moskovic (Parlament francophone bruxellois)

Francesco Spera (University of Salento)