Elections and Democracy in Africa: Nigeria and Kenya in focus! The state of inclusion and participation of Youth, and women in the Upcoming Elections in Africa.

24 March 2023  16:00 - 17:00

Virtual Event | Organised by Democracy Moves | Held in EAT in English
Advancing respect for human rights
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The Institute for Security Studies (ISS) in an article titled “Presidential Elections 2023’
Observes that approximately 14 African Countries (Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria, Chad,
Libya, Sudan, South Sudan, Somaliland, the Democratic Republic of the Congo Gabon,
Zimbabwe, and Madagascar) accounting for a quarter of the Continent will have
elections in 2023. Growing Economic and political pressure, potential electoral violence
and contested outcomes, insecurity in the north, and ethno- religious divisions and
exclusion of the youth and SIG from meaningful participation in political processes due to
exuberant nomination fees; are some of the key concerns highlighted by the institute.
The recent trend of the Unconditional Change of Governments (UCG) through Military
takeovers frequent in Central, Western, and some Northern Africa is increasingly
becoming a threat to freedom of expression, security, and hindrance n Democracy and
the participation of Citizens in the electoral process.
On March 29-30, 2023, the United States will co-host the second Summit for Democracy
with the governments of Costa Rica, the Netherlands, the Republic of Korea, and the
Republic of Zambia. The second Summit for Democracy will assemble world leaders,
including African Leaders in a virtual representative from government, civil society, and
the private sector. Building on the first Summit for Democracy held in December 2021,
this gathering will highlight how democracies deliver for their citizens and are best
equipped to address the world’s most pressing challenges. At the first Summit in
December 2021, approximately 100 governments made nearly 750 commitments to
advance democracy, fight corruption, and counter authoritarianism. Together, we will
showcase progress made by Summit partners on commitments during the Year of
Action, and will organize collective action to address emerging challenges to democracy.

Democracy Moves is a coalition of organizations around the world whose common aim is
to develop, connect, and inform youth activists who collectively work to improve the
global state of democracy. The overarching vision of Democracy Moves is that young
people will lead the way to more inclusive, effective, and participatory democracies
where all voices are respected and heard. Democracy Moves and Restless Development,
through Voice and Democracy Program, are organizing for the Inclusion of Youth and SIG
in the Electoral Process in Africa: Nigeria and Kenya in the focus. This online conference
aims to promote youth inclusion in the electoral process by bringing together experts
and stakeholders to discuss key issues and solutions to electoral process flaws in Nigeria.
The conference will use Nigeria as a case study to explore ways of ensuring youth
participation in elections with Nigeria’s 2023 elections in perspective.


The event will feature four guest speakers who are experts in youth inclusion in the
electoral process. The speakers will come from different backgrounds and will provide
diverse perspectives on the issue. The speakers will be compensated for their time and
expertise. The speakers will include:
1. A political scientist and expert on youth inclusion in the electoral process
2. A youth advocate or founder of a youth-focus/led organization
3. Mrs a lawyer, and human rights activist with a focus on youth empowerment
4. Mr. B, a journalist, and media personality with a keen interest in youth
involvement in politics
5. Representative for the Summit for Democracy in Africa (Zambia).