Democracy for Human Rights through CEDAW

9 December 2021  11:00 - 12:15

Virtual Event | Organised by NGO Committee on the Status of Women | Held in United States in English
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Advancing respect for human rights
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This interactive panel will bring together human rights experts, political leaders, and grass-roots women’s groups to showcase a Cities for CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women) campaign. This is an historic feminist and women’s movement in the US that demonstrates how a UN human rights treaty—ratified by 189 countries– can bring real change to the lives of American women and empower women and girls as citizens.

The movement was inspired by San Francisco that was the first city in the world to adopt a UN human rights treaty as a legally binding ordinance in 1998. Then, in 2014, the NGO CSW/NY launched a Cities for CEDAW campaign as a national campaign. By 2021 more than 50 cities, counties, and states have adopted CEDAW as a resolution or ordinance. Recently, there is a growing bottom-up movement to build on this campaign for the national ratification of CEDAW. This would support the report by the White House Gender Policy Council that aspires to the same end.

As a major hub for the meeting of the international feminist and women’s movement, this event is part of the NGO CSW/NY’s decades long commitment to provide a platform for the voices and leadership of feminists and women’s rights organizations globally. We envision a world without sexism, sexual violence, or discrimination against women and girls, where economic, political, and social policies encourage their empowerment and wellbeing. And we believe that showcasing a successful US-based social movement for women’s human rights– guided by CEDAW– can inspire many democracies around the world.


Moderator: Terry Ince, CEDAW Committee of Trinidad/Tobago


  • Krishanti Dhamaraj, Ex. Dir. Center for Women’s Global Leadership, Rutgers U (to be confirmed)
  • Houry Goudelekian, Chair, NGO CSW/NY
  • Alda Facio, founder, Women’s Human Rights Institute, Costa Rica
  • Rangita de Silva de Alwas, Ass. Dean of International Affairs, U. of Penn Law School
  • Dubravka Simonovic, former member of the CEDAW committee, former UN Special rapporteur on violence against women
  • Soon-Young Yoon, UN rep for the International Alliance of Women

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