In Defense of Democracy – Citizens Summit On Democracy, Zambia Pre-Summit Dialogue

27 March 2023  09:00 - 14:00

In Person Event | Organised by Youth Democracy Cohort, Global Democracy Coalition | Held in (CAT) Urban Hotel, Lusaka, Zambia. in English
Defending against authoritarianism
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The objectives of the pre-S4D2 Civil Society Citizens Summit are:
1. To facilitate the contextualization and localization of S4D2 conversations by providing a platform for African civil society actors to connect,
jointly reflect on the YoA, various elements of elections in Africa, and input into S4D2 commitments from civil society and citizens’
2. To provide a platform for civil society, international organizations, academic institutions, think tanks, philanthropic organizations, and the private sector to make their voices heard in the Summit discussions and in the global democracy debate.
3. To coordinate civil society’s construction of a coordinated program of action around S4D2 commitments and build sustainable learning
coalitions and connections to improve the African continent’s prospects of democratization.
4. To use the S4D2’s focus on elections as an opportunity to highlight some of the challenges around the region’s democratization through an information campaign that spotlights issues and countries to watch.


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Day 1: Plenary sessions
Session 1: Summit Introductions, Welcome Remarks

Session 2: Setting the tone: The Democracy renewal challenge in Africa: Where we are since S4D1, where we need to go, and how?

Session 3: Youth Inclusion: Beyond tokenism, towards meaningful inclusion and participation in democratization and electoral processes of youth

09:00 to 14:000


Day 1: Breakaway Sessions
Session 4.1: Money in Politics: Financing political parties and election campaigns for democratic renewal in Africa.




Session 4.2: Media freedom, freedom of expression and the technology in elections 1400-1730


Session 4.3: The state of Civic space, its impact on peaceful and democratic elections and transitions in Africa. 1400-1730


Day 2 Plenary sessions
Session 5: Spotlight on Nigeria: Some Reflections and insights from Africa’s Largest Election:  the 2023 Nigeria elections

Session 6: Summit resolutions, communique & closing