Burma’s Path to Genocide: A New Exhibition about the Rohingya

10 December 2021  09:00 - 10:30

Virtual Event | Organised by US Holocaust Memorial Museum | Held in in
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The Museum’s newest exhibition, Burma’s Path to Genocide, explores how the Rohingya went from citizens to outsiders—and became targets of a sustained campaign of genocide.

The exhibition features the voices and stories of Rohingya survivors of genocide, and highlights the Rohingya people’s history and humanity. It also allows visitors to grapple with the world’s failure to prevent genocide and contemplate what justice would mean for victims and survivors.

Request a reminder to watch a discussion with Rohingya leaders, US government and international officials, and the exhibition’s curator, Greg Constantine. They will examine the ongoing risks the Rohingya people face, and the urgent need to protect the population from future mass atrocities.