Anticorruption Policies Cohort Policy Forum: Anti-Corruption and National Security

21 March 2023  02:00 - 09:30

In Person Event | Organised by Ministry of Justice of Bulgaria, CSD and the Basel Institute | Held in Bulgaria in English
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Addressing and fighting corruption
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Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and the resurgence of global authoritarian hybrid threats have focused the attention of the democratic community on the security implications of state capture and strategic corruption. Entrenched oligarchic networks have been stonewalling good governance reforms around the world, hampering democratization and fueling institutional distrust, political turmoil, inequality, and poverty. Southeast Europe has been among the most vulnerable regions in this respect. The EU and the US have sought to strengthen democratic resilience and anti-corruption responses by leading on economic security and democratic governance.

In order to provide a platform for cooperation for government and civil society representatives from Southeast Europe and their international peers, the Center for the Study of Democracy is organising a policy forum under the anti-corruption cohort of the Summit for Democracy in Sofia, Bulgaria on 21 March 2023. The policy-level plenary session in the morning will present the year of action achievements of the governments from the region and the next steps in their anti-corruption efforts. In the afternoon, anti-corruption institutions and civil society actors will follow up with practical ideas on strengthening public-private partnerships in specific areas of impact, such as asset declarations, politically exposed companies, corruption risk assessment, and collective action.

The event is co-hosted by the Ministry of Justice of Bulgaria, CSD and the Basel Institute in a demonstration of collaboration between state and non-state local and international actors.

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Rumen Radev, President of the Republic of Bulgaria

Krum Zarkov, Minister of Justice of the Republic of Bulgaria

Shanthi Kalathil, former Deputy Assistant to the President and Coordinator for Democracy and Human Rights, U.S. National Security Council

Andrea BrouletteRodriguez, Chargé d’affaires, Embassy of the United States of America in Bulgaria

Ambassador Siri Beate Barry, Royal Norwegian Embassy

Peter Maurer, President of the Board, Basel Institute on Governance

Jacques Paparo, Resident Representative, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung