American Kleptocracy

17 November 2021  12:00 - 13:00

Virtual Event | Organised by The FACT Coalition | Held in USA in English
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Addressing and fighting corruption
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With the Pandora Papers in the news, more Americans have learned how central the U.S. is to the world of “offshore” illicit finance. Throw out the stereotypes of palm-fringed tropical islands – snowy South Dakota and many U.S. states are now central to the money laundering schemes of dictators and criminals. Casey Michel’s new book, “American Kleptocracy” (released Nov. 23), is an investigative look into how the U.S. built “the largest illicit offshore finance system the world has ever known” and how this system has “infected American politics, threatened US national security and gouged local communities.”

Heading into the “Summit for Democracy” hosted by the White House next month, policy experts from the FACT Coalition will share the steps the Biden Administration and Congress must take to turn off the gushing spigot of dirty money coming into the U.S.


  • Casey Michel, author, “American Kleptocracy”
  • Ian Gary, executive director, FACT Coalition
  • Tutu Alicante, founder/director, EG Justice
  • Kaisa de Bel, policy analyst, Global Financial Integrity, and co-author, “Acres of Money Laundering”