Advancing Integrity through Parliaments – How Parliaments Can Lead the Fight Against Corruption and Kleptocracy

3 December 2021  08:00 - 10:00

Virtual Event | Organised by House Democracy Partnership | Held in online in English
Contact details: [email protected]
Addressing and fighting corruption
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Kleptocracy is an authoritarian governance model in which political leaders routinely engage in illicit self-enrichment, maintain power through corrupt patronage networks, exploit rule of law jurisdictions to conceal and protect stolen assets, and use strategic corruption as a tool of foreign policy. Parliaments around the world are under increased pressure to offer a response to the toxic effects of kleptocracy through coordinated action internationally and the dismantling of the domestic networks that enable foreign corruption. This session will discuss legislative approaches and success stories in countering kleptocracy, including recent legislation approved in the U.S. House of Representatives focused on beneficial ownership transparency, visa exclusions for human rights abusers and kleptocrats, supporting global anti-corruption efforts, information disclosure requirements for asset seizures, among other topics.