By Timothy Hopper
3 March 2022

President Biden has consistently spoken about the central standing of democratic values in his government’s foreign policy both before and after entering the White House. In his February 2021 speech, he described the bold mission of the United States in the present age to reveal the fact that democracy in this transformed world continues to guide and inspire. At a news conference on March 25, Biden emphasized the usefulness of democracy over authoritarianism in the 21st century and defined the US mission as proof of its usefulness and effectiveness. Late last year, the Biden administration invited about one hundred countries to the “Summit for Democracy” to demonstrate its practical commitment to democratic values and dispel the suspicion that the promotion of democracy and human rights would no longer be a post-Trump US foreign policy concern. The meeting aimed to bring together the world’s democracies to strengthen democratic institutions, confront the growing decline of democracy in the world, and finally define a common agenda for confronting the growing threat to collective democratic values.