April 1st: Summit for Democracy Civil Society Consultations on Financial Transparency and Integrity

1 April 2022

The Summit for Democracy Year of Action core team has released meeting notes for their Consultations on Financial Transparency and Integrity. They state the following:

“Participants provided feedback, including the need for clarification on the scope of cohorts and the timeline for the YoA and the next summit. They expressed interest in engaging the World Bank, the IMF, the G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group, and the private sector. We welcome suggestions to ensure the feedback-gathering process is inclusive and to involve networks of other CSOs, including partners in countries not engaged with the Summit. Finally, INL and USAID highlighted ongoing channels for engagement and input on U.S. government anti-corruption, human rights, and anti-authoritarianism objectives and efforts, independent of the S4D process. We encourage civil society to continue to take advantage of these channels.”

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