American Bar Association: Summit for Democracy Events Recap

ABA Summit for Democracy Events Recap

14 February 2022

American Bar Association Summit for Democracy Events Recap

In connection with the Biden Administration’s Summit for Democracy (S4D), the American Bar Association (ABA) Center for Global Programs sponsored two events to highlight the importance of the rule of law and legal systems towards the advancement of democracies around the world. The Summit took place December 9-10, 2021 virtually and will, pandemic permitting, take place in-person in December 2022. The first of the ABA’s two events, “Judicial Independence and the Rule of Law” took place December 8 and the second event, “Lawyers, Human Rights Defenders, and the Rule of Law” took place December 10.

These events spotlighted the real-world heroism of judges, lawyers, and human rights defenders under attack by corrupt leaders who seek unlimited power by destroying democracy and denying accountability to the governed. The ABA’s activities in support of the Summit for Democracy are coordinated by the ABA Center for Global Programs, which includes the Center for Human Rights (CHR) and the Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI).

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