Accountability for Kleptocracy

By Sasha Erskine and Maria Sofia Reiser
28 April 2022

Every year, millions of pounds are lost to state capture by the actions of kleptocratic leaders. Once the stolen funds enter the financial system, they are either lost or near impossible to find. All three of the Zondo Commission’s reports detail the serious financial and institutional repercussions of kleptocracy borne by South Africans. In situations of state capture, those tasked with fighting corruption are often the same people who benefit from illicit funds. Therefore, it is crucial to continue empowering investigative journalists and civil society organisations around the world so that they highlight corrupt activity and press for greater transparency and accountability. Only then can we support the global effort to reverse the impunity felt by those that profit from corruption and kleptocracy.


April 29, 2022|Blog|