Launch of I4C Center for Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights

15 March 2023  10:30 - 12:00

Virtual Event | Organised by Innovation for Change | Held in Thailand/Bangkok in English
Contact details: [email protected]
Advancing respect for human rights
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We at Innovation For Change (I4C) South Asia are pleased to invite you to attend the launch event of the I4C Center for Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights. this event, we will be introducing the work of the Center and ways in which we will be collaborating with civil society organisations and other stakeholders in the region on disruptive (AI) technologies and impact on civic spaces.



Tally Hatzakis

Tally is an expert in human centric AI. She has pushed the state of the art in AI research via her work in the SHERPA project on the ethical and human rights challenges of AI intelligence and Big Data analytics.  Tally has led foresight research and expert Delphi studies to develop scenarios for AI futures and coordinated case study research for the use of AI in a number of domains from agriculture to policing. She is an invited speaker on a number of initiatives in human-centric AI globally. She is also part of the Center for AI and Human Rights Global advisory team.

Arzak Khan

Arzak is a Global South centric expert on Artificial Intelligence and internet governance, He is founder of the Center for AI and Human Rights at the Innovation for Change network. His work focuses on using civic technologies for countering shrinking civic spaces.

Balach Baloch

Balach is a data-oriented Artificial Intelligence architect, fluent in a number of AI technologies, He has a solid understanding of private and public sector artificial intelligence regulatory requirements. He has served as founding members of a number of online businesses developing evolutionary Algorithms and AI Applications in fields of Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Decision Support Systems and Forecasting.

Remshay Ahmed

Remshay Ahmed is a Communications and Advocacy Officer at Innovation for Change South Asia Hub. With a background in journalism, she has worked as a foreign policy analyst and a CPEC Research Associate. She believes in mainstreaming South Asian feminist perspectives.